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Saturday, November 01, 2014
Welcome to Wauwatosa Avenue United Methodist Church!


We invite you to take a look at us—check out our website for the details, and better yet, check us out in person some Sunday morning.  If you are looking for a mid-sized, downtown, mainline Protestant Church in Wauwatosa, maybe we are the one for you.

NEW! Photos of Parking Project
We will be trying our hardest to keep you updated on the parking project. If you want to see what has happened and what it happening, you can! On the left hand side of the screen there is a link to the page "Parking Structure" that had updated pictures.

Disciple Bible Study
Last year, Jack Kaufman and Milly Strawn led a short 8-week Disciple Bible Study on the Hebrew Bible. This year, beginning October 6, for 8 weeks, they will do a short Disciple Bible Study, “Invitation to the New Testament,” concentrating on the Gospel accounts of Jesus' life and ministry, with correlations from the Hebrew Bible. This class will meet Monday evenings at 7:00-8:30PM in room 4. Jack and Milly believe that previous Disciple class participants and those with limited knowledge of scripture (but a desire to enhance their awareness of the relevancy of Bible) would benefit from this 8-week study. The sign-up sheet and study books are in the church office.

All Saints Observance Sunday, November 2nd

November 1st is All Saints Day, the day the church sets aside to remember those who have died, especially those from our fellowship and families, during this past year. We will be observing All Saints Day and communion, on Sunday, November 2nd. Persons are invited to bring to worship the names of people who have been a part of their life, who have died since last November 1st. During the prayer time, people will be invited to share those names. Or, if you prefer, there will be a basket in the entryway of the church to submit names before each service, so they can be read aloud. During worship, candles will be lighted remembering all those persons whose names are shared. The Chancel Choir and a Brass Ensemble will be providing music for the day.


Where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.    ―Matthew 6:21

Money affects your heart. Whether you are in plenty or in want, money has a direct connection to your stress level, your anxiety, and the health of your relationships. It is no wonder then that Jesus talked about the relationship between our treasure and our hearts.

On November 9th, we will have an opportunity to make personal commitments of our offerings to God through our church in the coming year. We will receive commitment cards in the mail, and cards will be available in church. We will ask that people bring their commitment cards to worship that day. We hope that you’ll join us in the coming weeks as we look at Jesus’ teaching on how we can avoid freedom from some of the common pitfalls related to money, and how we can give our lives and our treasure to God.

Pastor Sue's Book Discussion
Our next quarterly book discussion will be November 2 at 11am (meet in the east end of Fellowship Hall). The book is Please Look after Mom by Kyung-Sook Shin. This novel from widely acclaimed Korean author Shin focuses on motherhood and family guilt. Park So-nyo, mother of four now-adult children, has gone missing in a Seoul train station on the way to visit them. As her family searches for her, long-held secrets and private sorrows begin to reveal themselves, forcing her children to wonder how well they actually knew the woman they call Mom. This Korean million-plus-copy best-seller is an impressive exploration of family love, poverty, and triumphing over hardship. (This book is also one of the selections in the 2014 UMW reading program.)

Join WAUMC on Facebook and Twitter
Today, many people of all ages in our neighborhood, across our city, and into the greater community communicate via social media. One source estimates there are 1.26 billion active monthly users on Facebook and 241 million active monthly users on Twitter. Add “1” to each of those totals, because Wauwatosa Avenue United Methodist Church is now sharing its messages about “Gathering as Friends, Growing in Faith, Sharing God's Love” on Facebook and Twitter. Visit us on the web at http://waumc.org and click on the Facebook and Twitter icons. Then “like” Wauwatosa Ave UMC on Facebook and “follow” @WauwatosaAveUMC on Twitter to help your church spread the Good News!

Membership Exploration Classes
Have you been attending our church for a while? If so, would you like to learn more about our church and possibly become a member? The next membership exploration classes will be held on Sundays, Nov. 2 & 9, at 4:30pm. Talk to Pastor Sue if you are interested.

Coffee Hour Hosts
If you didn’t have the opportunity to sign up as a coffee hour host on the recent Sunday bulletin inserts, know that we can really use your help. Perhaps you belong to a UMW Circle, men’s group, choir, K’n’K, or any of our other groups—you could sign up as a group. Or you can sign up individually or with a friend. So many people enjoy Coffee Hour, but we always are in need of hosts at the 10:45am fellowship time. The sign up sheet is in the Fellowship Hall kitchen. The October Recruiter for coffee hour hosts is Susan Freitag and for November it is Heidi Engbring. They would very much appreciate your help!

Grief Seminar

Surviving Suicide in the Family - Sunday, November 2, An Altar in the World Study at Whitefish Bay UM Church, from 2:00-4:30 pm. 819 E. Silver Spring Drive. 414-964-2424.

Beyond Death - What Do We Know? - Wednesday, November 12, at the Univ. of WI - Waukesha, 1500 N. University Drive, Waukesha. 262-521-5460 (fee required) www.waukesha.uwc.edu

Coping With Grief through the Holidays - Sunday, November 16, at Whitefish Bay UM Church, from 1:30-4:00 pm. 819 E. Silver Spring Drive. 414-964-2424

Help Build a Chicken Coop in Kenya

Congregation members Sallie and Bruce Peterson, along with their daughter, Amy Hufnal, and others, have been traveling every couple years, at their own expense, to Kenya. While there, they have undertaken their own mission project. They have funded projects and built an addition to the Ole Kenne School in Narok, Kenya, built tables and benches for the addition, and on their last trip they built and stocked a library for the school. Donations from this congregation helped make these projects a reality.

This coming year, they will be taking two solar ovens they learned about at our church’s Sustainability Sunday. They also have another building project: to build a 10’by14’ chicken coop for the school. It will need to be well built to protect chickens from the wild animals that roam near the school. They will need to raise money for this ambitious building project.

Your mission committee, with the approval of the church council, would like to give the congregation the opportunity to support this project. If you would like to make a donation, you may make a check out to the church with the note Kenya Project, and help them reach their goal.


Parking Lot Project and Accessibility

Our south parking lot (the west side) is closed Monday thru Friday.

On Sundays, November 2 & 9, the stairs and back sidewalk to fellowship hall will not be available and the fellowship hall door will be closed. (New steps and sidewalk will be poured, but not until later on in the project.) Our south lot will only be used as drop off for those needing to use the ramp, and a few spots for those needing accessible parking. The southwest driving ramp may be closed by both of those Sundays, meaning you'll need to access the south lot from the new driveway entrance on Underwood. On both November 2 & 9, we expect to have accessibility to the temporary walking ramp to the southwest door.

By Nov. 16, we hope to have some kind of more permanent surface on the new parking area.

After our south fellowship hall door is out of commission and you want to enter from the back walking ramp this week, you may need to call the church office on your cell phone and somebody can come and let you in. When that entrance is eventually unavailable during the week, the best door to use is the front center courtyard door where there is a buzzer system.

Please stay out of fenced in areas while this project is being completed. It is a construction zone and we want to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Sunday Parking Options

Wauwatosa East High School - Parking lot is on 74th Street (74th is a one-way street going south, you can access it from the north-off of Hillcrest)

Underwood Ave. Lot - west side of street, behind the church, between Cody & Co. Salon & the fire department

Cody & Co. Salon - south of the salon (Take Underwood Ave. south to Harmonee, turn right-enter off of Harmonee)

Harmonee Lot - 7600 Harmonee (Take Underwood Ave., which is behind the church, south to Harmonee, turn right onto bridge.) Get into left lane & take a left at the first light (Harwood).

Red Store Lot - 7720 Harwood Avenue (follow the directions above)

Hart's Mill - 7735 Harwood (2 doors south of the church, next to the attorney's office). Access off of Wauwatosa Ave.

Blanchard St. - 7470 Blanchard St. (take Wauwatosa Avenue south-parking lot is on the left shortly after you pass Harwood Avenue, south of Swan Interiors

Here is a link to a map that shows the parking nearby. The church is the big grey structure located between Underwood Ave. & Wauwatosa Ave. & north of Harmonee Avenue. Double click on the map on the right for an enlarged picture. 

Free Upper Room Daily Devotional App

The Upper Room Daily Devotional is available as a free app for the Apple and Android smartphones.  Download the App through the App Store on your iPhone or the Google Play Store using your Android smartphone. 

Gathering as Friends, Growing in Faith, Sharing God's Love


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